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Contribute to SquashWise's Future Home!

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SquashWise's New Home at the Historic Greyhound Terminal!

SquashWise has acquired the former Greyhound terminal on the campus of the Maryland Center for History and Culture (MCHC) in Baltimore’s historic Mount Vernon neighborhood. This purchase will enable us to further advance equity and opportunity in education and squash for Baltimore youth and to restore a memorable building in the city.

The site of the former Greyhound terminal located at Howard and Centre streets—functional as a transportation hub from 1941-1987—holds a deep history in Baltimore and is on the Baltimore City Landmark List. The themes of “new destination” and “going places” align with SquashWise’s ambition to amplify the many talents of Baltimore City youth who are among the future leaders of our community. The Greyhound site combines the ideal geographic location for transportation, access, and transformation.

Our plans for the Greyhound terminal include six squash courts, a multipurpose fitness space, classrooms, and a rec room. The facility will become a community center which bridges communities through a shared love of squash and sport, and it will expand the reach of squash beyond its traditional settings.

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