Team Club Road Crew

Team Club Road Crew's Fundraiser

Let's 'Rally' for SquashWise! image

Let's 'Rally' for SquashWise!

Donate to support Club Road Crew.

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

$66,000 towards $75,000

We can all be a part of real change in Baltimore. Let's partner with SquashWise to help amplify the talents and ambitions of students, and ensure continued opportunities for them to play, learn and grow together.

Donations of any size will go a long way in helping our team reach our fundraising goal.

To donate by check, include Team Club Road Crew in the memo line and mail to Baltimore SquashWise, 2801 Sisson Street, Suite 100, Baltimore, MD 21211. Stock gifts are also accepted by emailing

All are welcome on May 1st from 12-3:00 pm for a Rally Celebration at SquashWise's future home, the Greyhound Building in Mt. Vernon. Learn more and register for free here!